Welcome to the New Dashboard

MCNC has used the Confluence software to deliver EdSpace services over the last year. From the initial roll out to the increased usage of this new collaborative tool, the feedback we receive helps pave the way for improved functionality. An important issue often brought up by you, the end user, is the entry point into EdSpace through the dashboard and frustration with its set up and appearance. Please be assured that we have heard your concerns and looked for ways to enrich your EdSpace experience. We are excited to announce the launch of a newly designed and improved dashboard that we hope will enhance your navigation in EdSpace.

We look forward to you diving in and exploring the dashboard. While there, we hope you will take notice of several things new and other items revamped. To assist you as you get acquainted, we would like to offer some general information to get you started.

Menu Structure:

The menu may look a little different, but still contains what you need.  It is better organized and cleaned up. In place of the breadcrumbs tab, your log in will allow you to view your navigation history in confluence through the My History link under the EdSpace menu. You can also see what space you are in quickly and get back to the main dashboard in just a click. In addition, you can also easily get to the external MCNC company website (www.mcnc.org) right under the MCNC menu.

Browse EdSpace:

This section is showing up in different spaces in Confluence. There are many good examples that are working so we decided to incorporate it into the main dashboard for all of us to reap the benefits.  The Browse EdSpace section on the right provides general categories of content that allows you to drill down or find different types of information based on content from similar categories.  If that does not suit your needs, the Search EdSpace box above it can also help you find what you need within Confluence.

Spaces Tab:

The spaces tab has been removed and replaced with an option to View All Spaces in the Browse EdSpace menu, located on the right side of the screen. This feature consolidated and improved the navigation. It also resolves the issue that displeased some when the entire list of spaces showed up on the dashboard page and made you have to scroll down, often a long way, to find the space you were seeking.

Favorites Pages:

For those that enjoy seeing their favorite spaces or pages that they visit most often, it is still available to you on the dashboard page located in the middle section near the bottom. As it was in the past, do not forget to mark the star in the top right corner of the page you want to save as a favorite so it will show up in the favorites section of your dashboard view.

News Items:

We tried a new approach with news related items. The first column of the dashboard, from top to bottom, contains news content in different categories. However, news is only as good as what is posted. Therefore, get in the habit of updating news in your space.  In addition, the MCNC Events calendar feed and section can only be as current and fresh as the information received about the events. Please let the Communications and/or Web Content Manager aware of news worthy company items that can be included in this section.


Permissions still operate as originally designed. If you could not see certain spaces or content under the old permissions, that has not changed and you still cannot see it now. Content with limited viewing permissions would remain limited.

Feedback and Comments:

Your voice counts. We welcome your feedback, concerns, and ideas. Let us know about your user experience with the new dashboard. Take a few moments and share with us on the Feedback and Comments page of the Knowledge and Information Systems Team space or send us an email to the Knowledge and Information Systems team at kis@mcnc.org.

Thank you for being a part of the ongoing process to enhance EdSpace. We could not do it without you!!