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In simplest terms, Confluence is a tool that allows any user to create and edit Web pages. Because Confluence is a wiki, when permission is granted, others can edit and supplement the pages you create, and you can do the same to the pages that others have created.


Imagine you and a group of your co-workers sitting around a table with a stack of paper and a cup of pencils. Any of you can write on a piece of paper. Then, you can choose to pass it to others, who may add ideas, edit earlier ideas, etc. Some of your co-workers may only share their writing with one or two people, while others will choose to share with the entire group. Some may even invite people from outside the organization to see or share in the writing. There may even be a few who take the papers and tack them to telephone poles for the whole world to see.

The Point 

The main difference between Confluence and the analogy above is that with Confluence, all the work is done with your computer's browser. Fonts can be enlarged, bullets added, indents made, pictures inserted, etc. The best part of Confluence is that, unlike with the paper analogy, content in Confluence can be EASILY searched and published. In this way, the work that each of us does can be seen and utilized by others. If you are taking notes at a meeting or conference, everyone that you want to have access to them, has access to them! If you have a question about an element in the life cycle of a project, go look at it! If you are wondering if anyone else at MCNC has done work on a particular project, do a search and find out! The opportunities are practically endless, so jump in with both feet and find out why so many organizations around the planet are making Confluence and other wikis like it a central element of their workplace culture.

The possibilities are endless. Confluence is an opportunity to collaborate creatively with your colleagues and with the community. When you log in, you will see a number of teams that have already created spaces to share information with one another. Examples of information that is already available include:

  • Agendas for meetings
  • Minutes from meetings
  • Documents
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds

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