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Federated Identity Management Focus Group  (Formerly the FIM Task Force)

The FIM Focus Group members represent K-20


organizations in North Carolina that are interested in furthering the use of federated Identity management and a statewide federation of academic institutions and the online services they use.  (As the federation grows, additional community anchor institutions (CAIs) may be added, such as libraries, museums, healthcare, and public safety.)



The FIM Focus Group Meetings Have Been Temporarily Suspended

At the May 2, 2017 meeting it was decided by the few attendees that it made sense to suspend the meetings temporarily until the Steward Program has time to mature and additional K-12 and Community Colleges are running federation software. Information about the progress of the MCNC/InCommon Steward Program Proof of Concept (POC) can be found at the links below. Email updates on North Carolina K-20 federation progress will be sent periodically, and a new meeting will be scheduled once we have additional institutions/organizations that are added to InCommon through the Steward Program.

Requests to join the FIM-Focus Group email list can be directed to

Starting in 2008 with NCTrust, a pilot K-20 federation, the group has met on and off to explore opportunities to extend federation technology to institutions across North Carolina.  Challenges to adoption are primarily the resources and experience needed to stand up federation IdPs (identity providers) that authenticate users of the institution and provide access information to online shared services running an SP (service provider).  Information used by an SP typically includes the user's email address, a unique identifier (such as a student or employee number), the user's affiliation with their institution (member, employee, or student Additionally, a first and last name might be provided.

As more institutions access hosted resources, federated access (logging on with your home institution's credential) continues to see growth.

The InCommon Steward Program: Federation for K-14

The InCommon Steward Program extends the benefits of federated identity management to K-12 school districts and community colleges. The Steward (a state or regional network) manages the implementation and InCommon provides the infrastructure and operational experience.  MCNC has offered to run a Proof of Concept with InCommon to work through Steward Program setup and documentation.

References on the InCommon Steward Program

Suggestions for K-20 Federated Services

MCNC is working toward enabling federation for K-20 educational institutions across the state.  One of the difficult tasks is identifying resources that are shared by LEAs, Community Colleges, and the UNC System which could be configured as a federated service (Service Provider or SP).  This could be a service used by one set of institutions (K-12, CC or UNC schools) or used by all of K-20 (e.g. CFNC, NC LIVE, other Library Services, State employee resources, etc.).

Resources that are shared ACROSS sectors are also important.  High School students that take courses at a local Community College or one of the state universities could access services at the higher education institution using their K-12 credential if both institutions were federated and the higher ed institution offered online services that were federation-enabled.

If you're aware of a shared online resource in North Carolina that would be a good candidate for federation, please send that information to the FIM-Focus Group list (if you're a member) or to Mark Scheible at

Past Meetings


  • 2010 Report on FIM in North Carolina - Final  ( PDF ) ( Word )
  • "Web Applications as Service Providers within the NCTrust Federation" ( PDF ) ( DOCX )


NCTrust Pilot Documents and Content (2008-2009) - NCTrust Home Page (pilot ran from January 2008 - December 2009)

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